Summit Off-road — We love camping as much as you do!

Trailblazing. Venturing. Discovering. That’s the Summit Off-road spirit. We’re a group of adventurists, just like you, who can’t resist the pull of the great outdoors. Summit Off-road sparked to life around campfires and starry nights, fuelled by a shared passion for uncharted terrains. Our mission? To craft off-road trailers and caravans that effortlessly blend rugged adventure with homey comfort.

Craftsmanship that combines comfort with capability

Why choose between the thrill of the wild and the comfort of home? Our campers perfectly blend the luxuries of home paired with the rugged off-road capability of a 4×4. The design maximizes space utility, ensuring every square millimetre delivers. Take, for instance, our compact Everest model — despite being the smallest camper in our range, it boasts a state-of-the-art quick-fit gas system, a pressurised food-grade water system complemented with a gas/AC geyser, a solar-compatible AC/DC power system, a homely queen-size bed, and a refrigerator-freezer combo, all fitted into a trailer that is only 1,37 m high, and 3,78 m long. Read more about it here:

Designed for seamless compatibility

Every camper we craft is a shadow to your vehicle, perfectly aligned with your vehicle’s wheelbase to ensure synchronicity in the trails they tread. Navigate unpredictable terrains with certainty, knowing your Summit trailer is right behind, mirroring every move. Their streamlined, narrow design ensures they traverse wherever your vehicle can. Our campers are designed to fit behind your vehicle perfectly, making them feel like an extension of your ride. With high ground clearance and generous approach and departure angles, they echo your vehicle’s capability, especially in tricky terrains.

Quality, durability, and efficiency – our triple promise

Crafted with top-tier, lightweight materials, our trailers and caravans effortlessly conquer rugged terrains and steep ascents. Their lightweight construction ensures effortless towing on the open road and less stress on your vehicle in off-road terrain. A decreased weight also brings about added fuel efficiency, and a sleek design, never protruding beyond your vehicle’s width, reduces wind resistance.

But don’t be deceived by their lightweight nature; they’re built to withstand time and elements. Every Summit product endures the toughest real-world tests—because what’s an off-road companion that hasn’t tasted dust or braved the elements?

Produced locally, each product stands as a testament to impeccable quality and robustness. By overseeing every facet of production, from part manufacturing to final detailing, we ensure that our standards are never compromised. Our talented team of artisans harness the precision of cutting-edge machinery to engineer each unit with micro-millimetre precision. To top it off, a pristine green powder protects our campers, shielding them against the elements while reflecting nature’s hues.

Join the Summit Off-road family

Our commitment extends beyond products. When you connect with Summit Off-road, you become a cherished member of our family. From our initial conversation to your numerous escapades—even if it’s a camping trip to Botswana decades down the line—we’re with you. Rely on us for unwavering support, sage advice, top-tier service, and the finest parts to keep your camper in pristine condition.

Ready to elevate your adventures? Let’s blaze new trails together. Drop us a message, or better yet, swing by our factory at 284 Kuit Street, Watloo, Pretoria. In the Summit family, there’s always a seat by the fire for another explorer.

Live free. Camp wild.
The Summit Off-road team.

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