The most comfortable compact off-road traileR

The Everest camper is the most compact, feature-packed off-road trailer in South Africa, measuring only 1.3 m in height. With a ground clearance of 345 mm and a lightweight galvanised body, it can conquer any terrain while still providing clear visibility of rear traffic.



The Everest is the lowest off-road trailer in RSA. Its low height and compact design makes it very comfortable to tow.


High-quality materials, refined manufacturing techniques, and tough powder coating makes the Everest tough as nails.

4x4 Capable

A low centre of gravity, high ground clearance, and generous departure angles make this off-road trailer extremely capable in difficult terrain.


With all the luxuries of home, including a kitchen, electricity,  queen bed, and much more, the Everest is a comfortable compact package.


Quick-fit gas

The Everest features a central quick-fit gas system that feeds the kitchen hob and geyser. You don’t even have to take the cylinders off the trailer.


The Everest has a smart solar-ready inverter with integrated deep-cycle battery that can be charged with AC, solar, or your vehicle.

Quick-fit mixers

The Everest features a pressurised water system with 2 x 80-litre food-grade water tanks and quick-fit mixers on both sides.


The Everest comes standard with 2 x fitted 20-litre jerry cans to store extra fuel for long journeys and off-road adventures in remote areas.

Legendary kitchen

Central design

The Everest’s kitchen area is designed to keep everything you need close by, including a gas hob, grocery drawer, fridge/freezer, basin, and drying rack.

Cooking & cleaning

The Everest comes with a double gas hob and a built-in slide featuring a basin and drying rack, making cleaning as effortless as cooking.

Under cover

The Everest’s kitchen is  positioned so that it can be reached and used in any weather condition so you never have to worry about sun or rain.

Glassware & dinnerware

The Everest includes a standard set of plates, bowls, mugs, beer glasses, whiskey tumblers, and wine glasses all protected in shock-resistant foam.

Comfortable interior

Ready-made queen bed

The Everest features a comfortable built-in 2.1 x 1.65 m bed with a soft convoluted mattress to ensure a good night’s rest wherever you go.

Spacious interior

When the large weatherproof tent is deployed, the inside of the Everest becomes a spacious room complete with a 2.1 x 1.6 m dressing area.


Large drawers under the Everest’s bed provide generous storage for your belongings that can be accessed from inside the tent/dressing room.


There are various lights inside the Everest, including two flexible bedside lamps, storage lights, and one dimmable overhead LED light.

Technical details








Sleeps up to

2 adults + 2

Total Length

3.78 m

Total Width

1.725 m

Total Height

1.365 m


480 kg


1 800 kg

Starting at

R259 999

Including VAT

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