Summit Off-road is the local manufacturer of South Africa’s leading off-road camping trailers and caravans with over a decade of field-tested performance. Our goal is simple — design and fabricate practical trailers and caravans that can conquer the toughest terrains, all while providing a comfortable and convenient camping experience. Seamlessly blending the luxuries of a hotel room with the off-road capabilities of a 4×4, our products promise unforgettable adventures and unparalleled comfort.

Our promise

top quality products

All our products are meticulously manufactured, using only the highest quality materials and the latest technology.

Excellent service

Great customer service is the heart of Summit Off-road. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers.

Continuous innovation

We strive to provide our customers with the most innovative solutions. Therefore we’re always exploring ways to improve our offering.

Unwavering support

Post-sales support is where we really shine. There is no problem too big or too small for us to solve. We’re always there to help.

Our process


We carefully engineer every detail of our products to guarantee the utmost practicality, efficiency, and off-road capability for our campers.


Our campers are hand-built in South Africa by a team of expert craftsmen who use the latest technologies and take great pride in their work.


As a team of passionate campers, we seize every opportunity to extensively test our products in the toughest terrains Africa has to offer.


Regular testing enables us to uncover potential improvements and features. We continuously improve our designs to remain the market leaders.

Explore our Campers


Compact. Capable. Comfortable

Our legendary low-bed off-road camping trailer. It's high enough to traverse the toughest terrains, yet low enough to provide a clear view of rear traffic. With all the utilities of a caravan and the capability of a 4x4, it has everything you need, in a compact package.

One of Summit Offroad's "Everest" compact off-road camping trailers parked at a campsite in the African bush.
Summit Off-road's lightweight off-road camper called the "Karenga", which is the mid-range product in the range of off-road camping trailers, parked at a campsite in the African bush.


Lightweight. Convenient. Tough.

The Karenga, boasting an all-aluminum body and compact design, stands as the lightest off-road caravan in its class. With its high ground clearance, generous departure angles, and durable components, it can venture into the most remote corners of Africa.


Luxurious. Spacious. Off-road.

A spacious 4-sleeper caravan, with a lightweight aluminium body. You can choose from three configurations, offering a built-in bathroom, dining area, or extra beds. Its large roof extends effortlessly at the touch of a button, giving you more time to enjoy nature.

Summit Off-road's four-berth luxury off-road caravan, which is the flagship of the range of off-road trailers, called the "Kilimanjaro", parked at a campsite in the African bush.

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