Which off road caravan suits you better: Karenga or Kilimanjaro?

When it comes to choosing an off road caravan, it should be an extension of your identity. If you love the thrill of conquering steep mountains and desolate deserts to marvel at the wonders of nature, you don’t want to be limited by a 2-tonne, dual-axle luxury caravan. Conversely, if you’re a sophisticated traveller looking to explore the continent in style for months on end, you’ll need more than just the clothes on your back for the journey. This guide will take you through some of the key factors to consider when deciding between the Karenga and Kilimanjaro off road caravans.

To help you determine which off road caravan is best for your needs, here is a brief comparison of the Karenga and Kilimanjaro.

Family size

When looking for an off-road caravan, it’s important to consider the size of your family both now and in the future. You don’t want to be replacing your caravan every few months, so think about whether you might want to have children in the future who you’ll want to take on your adventures.


The Karenga caravan is designed for two people and is ideal for those who do not have children or whose children have already left home. It has a comfortable queen-size bed and plenty of storage space for two. If you are a family of four and you like the Karenga, you can always bring along an extra tent.

A Summit Karenga lightweight off-road caravan pitched at a camp in the African bush at sunset.


The Kilimanjaro offers versatility for your camping needs. It comes in three configurations, including a four-berth option. The four-berth setup features a California King bed and a dinette area that converts into two bunk beds. In the other configurations, the bunk beds are replaced by either a fixed dining area or a built-in private bathroom. The bathroom features a toilet, a basin, and a shower. No matter if you are a couple or a family of four, the Kilimanjaro has something to suit your requirements.

A digital rendering of the four berth bunk-bed configuration available on the Summit Kilimanjaro off-road caravan.
The digital rendering of the Kilimanjaro’s four-berth configuration.

Off road capability

In conjunction with your family size, you should also consider the intensity of the trips you’re planning to take. If you’re an adrenaline junky who wants to go where nobody dares venture, you will require a completely different off road caravan than someone who’s looking for a more relaxing outdoor experience.


If you want to explore the most remote and challenging areas in Africa, the Karenga will suit you best. It is compact, lightweight, short, and high off the ground, making it incredibly manoeuvrable in any terrain. There is virtually no place your vehicle can go where the Karenga cannot follow.

Summit off-road Karenga 4x4 caravan being towed by a Ford Ranger on a dirt road in the bush, showing the exterior of the caravan from the side.


If your top priority is comfort, then you might prefer the Kilimanjaro. This off road caravan is equipped with a variety of features, including climate control and an automatically lifting roof. However, the Kilimanjaro is not just a luxury caravan. It is very capable off-road thanks to its high ground clearance, lightweight design, and generous departure angles. It can also withstand the harshest terrains and conditions with heavy-duty parts, and durable materials.

Features & comforts

When it comes to features, there are many similarities between the Karenga and Kilimanjaro. For instance, both are equipped with a central quick-fit gas system that has a dual-burner gas stove. Additionally, both caravans have a central water system. It includes large food-grade water tanks, a pressure pump, a gas/electric geyser, and multiple quick-fit mixer connection points. Furthermore, both caravans have a solar-ready electric system, complete with an inverter and battery pack. The system powers a variety of lights, plugs, and charging ports in and around the caravan. Each off road caravan also comes with our legendary kitchen system and a fridge/freezer slide. However, there are also unique features that set each caravan apart.


The Karenga, which is a smaller off-road caravan, doesn’t have an interior bathroom. However, it has a hatch on its side that converts into an outdoor shower cubicle. The interior of the caravan features a large queen-sized bed with a soft convoluted mattress. Additionally, there’s a small area where you can sit down and plenty of storage space with laminate finishing. The hard-shell roof can extend, allowing you to stand upright inside the Karenga. Despite being designed for off road travel, the Karenga doesn’t compromise on comfort.


The Kilimanjaro is our flagship caravan, and it boasts a spacious and comfortable interior. It comes with a California King-sized bed that features a soft convoluted mattress, and a variety of storage cabinets and drawers with a laminated wood finish. The Kilimanjaro is also equipped with a range of LED lights, plugs, and charging ports. Its large hard-shell roof can be lifted at the push of a button, so you don’t have to lift it by hand. For ultimate comfort, the Kilimanjaro is available with climate control, ensuring that you always have the perfect temperature inside the caravan, no matter the weather. The most notable feature of the Kilimanjaro is its luxurious interior – it feels like an off road hotel – yet you’ll still be amazed at where this off road caravan can take you!

A digital rendering of the built-in bathroom configuration available on the Summit Kilimanjaro off-road caravan.


If you’re looking for a comfortable way to explore the most challenging off road terrains with a partner, the Karenga is the off road caravan you’ve been looking for. On the other hand, if you’re a family of four, or you want a more luxurious off road experience in less challenging terrains, the Kilimanjaro is the winner.

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