Power up on the go!

At Summit Off-road, our mission is to make camping as comfortable and convenient as possible. We understand that camping is all about enjoying nature’s beauty and exploring places untouched by mankind. However, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice modern amenities like power. Our team is constantly innovating new ways to make your camping trips more relaxing and less tiring.

We’re excited to introduce our latest product range designed to provide you with access to electricity anywhere you go. We all rely on having a charged phone, camera, and other devices. Why should you go without them on your next off-road adventure?

Our new power products are much more than just a phone charger. They are capable of powering up all your essential devices, no matter where you are. The best part is that you don’t even need to own one of our off-road campers to use them.

So, let us help you experience the great outdoors without sacrificing the comforts of modern life. Let us introduce you to our brand-new range of off-road power solutions.

The RatPack.

A versatile, portable power station.

The Summit RatPack is a powerful and portable power station that combines a 1,000W inverter and a 1,500Wh LiFeP04 (Lithium-ion) battery. It provides a long-lasting source of power wherever you are. With the RatPack, you can charge your camera, power your camping fridge, or light up the campground with an electric lamp. You can even inflate a mattress or grind coffee beans for your morning brew.

Using the RatPack is super easy. You don’t need to be an electrician to operate it – simply plug in your device and flip the switch. The smart battery monitoring system has a backlit LCD screen that displays the remaining battery capacity. For tech-savvy campers, the RatPack connects to your phone via Bluetooth, allowing you to monitor your battery from a distance.

Wondering how to charge the RatPack? It’s designed for long remote journeys, so it features various charging options. You can charge it at home with a 220V plug before you leave. Once you’re on the road, you can charge it with a Harrison plug in your overlanding vehicle. After setting up camp, you can plug in one of our portable solar panels to keep it charged throughout your journey.

The RatPack also has a variety of outputs to accommodate your gear. It has a 3-prong plug, two 2-prong plugs, two Brad Harrison outputs, a Hella plug, a 12V DC output, and both USB and USB-C ports. The RatPack is protected by a tough powder-coated aluminium cover with rubber feet to keep it elevated and cool, while two heavy-duty handles make it easy to carry around.

The RatPack is the ultimate portable off-road power station. You can use it at home or in your office during load shedding to power your laptop, TV, or fridge. Read more about it here. It’s an all-in-one, ready-to-use power system that works even better with one of our portable solar panels, especially when travelling to remote locations.

Our range includes two portable solar panels, both 300W, with one being more compact than the other.

The Portable panel

A powerful 300W portable solar panel.

If you’re looking for a reliable power source during your off-road adventures, the Summit 300W portable solar panel is an excellent choice. It can generate electricity even in the most remote places where other options are unavailable. This solar panel is designed to withstand harsh conditions with its sturdy canvas cover and heavy-duty edging. It also comes with a zip-up bag that stores the included extension cord for your convenience.

The solar panel is compact and easy to carry, thanks to its comfortable handles. When folded up, it only measures 1 370 mm (w) x 700 mm (h) and is only 15 mm thick, making it easy to pack and store. Setting it up is a breeze, with just a few simple steps: lay it down, release the Velcro braces, extend the struts, and plug it in.

This solar panel is compatible with the LiFeP04 RatPack, as well as all our off-road camping trailers and caravans. With the Summit 300W portable solar panel, you’ll always have a reliable power source with you, no matter where you go. Read more about it here.

If you’re looking for something even more compact, the next product in our range is the perfect choice for you.

The Compact panel

A super compact 300W solar panel.

The Summit Compact solar panel produces 300W, just like the porta-panel, but it’s much lighter and smaller in size. You can easily take it with you on your next camping trip, fishing expedition or overlanding adventure. Thanks to its ultra-compact and lightweight design, it’s extremely easy to carry, pack, and store. When folded up, it only measures 570 mm (w) x 570 mm (h) x 40 mm (d), which is small enough to fit in the boot of a compact car.

Built for the outdoors, the Summit Compact solar panel has a thick cover and durable edging. A soft rubber handle makes it easy to carry, and a small pocket provides storage for its extension cord. Setting it up is quick and easy. Just open the Velcro flap, unfold the panels, extend the struts, and plug it in. It’s that simple! Read more about it here.

The Compact panel is also compatible with the LiFeP04 RatPack and all our off-road campers. With the Summit 300W compact solar panel, you’ll always have a reliable source of power with you, no matter where you go or how much space you have.

In conclusion, we’re proud to present The RatPack, a game-changing portable power station that brings modern conveniences to the heart of nature. Paired with our Summit Portable and Compact solar panels, you have a dynamic power duo that harnesses the sun’s energy to keep your devices charged, whether you’re exploring remote landscapes or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Elevate your camping experience with Summit Off-road’s innovative power solutions—because adventure should never mean compromising on comfort.

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